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The Jade Fountain was opened in Ulverston, Cumbria, 1986 by Johnny and Yvonne Lau, who had both previously worked in the famous Manchester restaurant. The Lau family originated from Hong Kong and migrated to the Uk, specifically Manchester, in the 1970's They decided to venture north to the lake District and settled on the friendly town of Ulverston, buying old Malaysia Restaurant and establishing the Jade Fountain Restaurant in its place. Taking its name from the traditional Chinese good luck symbol of ' Jade and Fountain' the street on which it is situated. Johnny and Yvonne Lau aimed to provide the people of this area with delicious Chinese gourmet food and succeeded in becoming a revered and integral establishment in the region, serving up superb Chinese food and its Oriental atmosphere to customers for many years.
After almost 20 years since the Jade Fountain opened, 2005 saw the opening of a new venture in Barrow-in-Furness, the jade Element Buffet and New Jade Fountain Restaurant.
The Cavendish Street restaurant delighted customers in its contemporary Cantonese decor and gave locals the opportunity to try expertly prepared Canonese food. With their gastronomic talent and friendly ethos, Johnny and Yvonne Lau have created a wonderful Cantonese experience both in Ulverston and Barrow, and will continue to be an essential the region for years to come.
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